Senate Republicans Vote To Protect Second Amendment Rights

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued the following statement today regarding pistol brace CRA:

“The Biden Administration has spent years going out of its way to trample on the rights of law-abiding gun owners. The President himself used the State of the Union to attack longstanding legal protections for firearms producers. He tried unsuccessfully to give the keys to the ATF to a nominee whose extreme record as a ‘bully’ and an ‘activist’ threatened to undermine the agency’s legitimacy.

“This year, Biden Administration bureaucrats published a new rule designed to turn users of pistol stabilizing braces into felons overnight. But today, the junior Senator from Louisiana, Senator Kennedy, led a commonsense resolution to protect lawful gun owners’ Second Amendment rights.

“Pistol braces are plastic accessories that provide users with greater accuracy and control when firing handguns. Today, private citizens across America are believed to own tens of millions of them. And these devices are especially popular with disabled users and veterans.

“Barely a decade ago, under the Obama Administration, the ATF determined that using a stabilizing brace did not subject pistols to the separate category of rules governing rifles. That was the right call. But in the Biden Administration’s latest bid to curtail Second Amendment rights, the ATF has now reached an entirely different conclusion.

“Under the latest rule, lawful gun owners who choose to use a stabilizing brace now face a whole batch of added regulations on selling or transporting their property, new registration requirements, and extra taxes. But one outside analysis observed that the Administration’s initial proposal was, ‘so lengthy… that law-abiding citizens will have no idea if their firearm is still legal.’ No wonder the new rule has already wound up in federal court.

“The Second Amendment safeguards the rights of all Americans. It is meant for Americans with disabilities. It is meant for military veterans. It is meant for the minority Americans who took their safety into their own hands and purchased firearms at historic rates as Democrats’ war on law enforcement left their communities less secure.

“I am grateful to Senator Kennedy for sponsoring this resolution.”