Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Does Not Depend on Democrats’ Political Preferences

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) submitted the following statement for the record today regarding the Supreme Court:

“This month, the Supreme Court will issue some of the term’s most consequential decisions. And if past is prologue, Washington Democrats will let the topline outcome of the cases determine their view of the Court’s institutional legitimacy.

“A year ago this week, the Court corrected a half-century of badly reasoned precedent under Roe v. Wade that cost our nation millions of innocent lives. The Democratic Leader responded by accusing a, ‘extremist MAGA court’ of bringing on, ‘one of the darkest days our country has ever seen.’ But almost a year later, when the same exact Court issued a ruling he agreed with, the Democratic Leader celebrated that, ‘democracy held firm.’

“Democracy held firm, Mr. President – but only because the Court’s opinion aligned with our colleague’s political preferences. Unfortunately, this has been Washington Democrats’ playbook for years. They’ve taught their base that, when they can’t accomplish their political ends from within our institutions, it’s the institutions that need to go.

“Last year, intimidation at the Supreme Court took an especially vivid turn. Activists threatened members of the Court and their families. One individual even plotted to assassinate a Justice. Here in Congress, Democrats have responded by trying to take hostage funding for the Justices’ security unless a co-equal branch of government restructured itself.

“Mr. President, the nine Justices of the Supreme Court are empowered by the Constitution to function above the political winds. And they should continue to do exactly that, no matter how many Washington Democrats demand otherwise.”