Biden Administration Must Refocus on Real Problems Facing American Families

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding the American people’s priorities:

“A recent survey asked Americans for their view of the most important problems facing our country.

“Of course, we know what Washington Democrats view as their top priority. President Biden and Senate Democrats have been shouting at the American people that an evil, racist anti-voting conspiracy will destroy democracy forever unless Democrats get total one-party control of the entire government starting next week.

“But are the American people buying any of it? Is this what working families want prioritized?

“In a recent survey, Gallup asked citizens for their priorities.

“Do you know what share of Americans said election law? Less than one half of one percent.

“Nobody in this country is buying the fake hysteria that democracy will die unless Democrats get total control.

“Here’s what people do care about.

“The top response at 21% was poor government leadership. About a year into the Biden Administration, the American people’s single greatest concern is bad leadership. And when you dig into the other issues, you can see why.

“Some of the next largest concerns were either general economic problems or inflation and rising costs in particular.

“And no wonder! New figures from just yesterday show our country continues to experience the worst inflation in 40 years.

“The worst inflation in 40 years.

“Gas prices are nearly a dollar higher than a year ago. Grocery prices are up 6.5%. And across the economy, inflation has exceeded 5% every month for seven months straight. There is no working family that has not been hurt directly by this.

“Another huge chunk of Americans said their chief worry is the coronavirus. No surprise there. A year into the Administration that promised it would ‘shut down the virus,’ what do we have?

“Record-setting new cases. Shortages of testing. Shortages of important treatments in part because of Biden Administration decisions. We have reports of multiple states potentially limiting or excluding patients from life-saving treatments on the basis of their ethnicity.

“And still, two years into this, notwithstanding abundant vaccines and a milder variant, we have Big Labor bosses in big cities being permitted to lock vulnerable kids out of the classroom.

“Oh, and when kids are in the classroom, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice try to persecute concerned parents who dare to ask what their kids are learning.

“Madam President, these are just a few examples of real problems.

“These are the kinds of places where the American people need this dramatically unpopular Administration to refocus.

“Yesterday, a new poll indicated that 33% of Americans approve of this President.

“When he was inaugurated and pledging to govern for all Americans, to heal and unite the country, this White House enjoyed impressive approval ratings. But as the far left has been handed the reins, that support has cratered.

“There is a path forward for my Democratic colleagues to respond to the country they have so badly disappointed.

“It isn’t to try to break the Senate and rewrite election laws. It’s to actually start tackling the issues that American families need tackled.”


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