Biden Budget Underfunds Defense Despite Global Threats

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding national defense:

“Last week, President Biden released his budget request for next year. The President got to take a blank canvas and sketch his policy vision for the country.

“But in the critical area of defending our nation, the President’s vision came up way short.

“Even amidst a hot war in Europe, bipartisan recognition of threats from China, North Korean nuclear and missile proliferation, and Iran’s nuclear, missile, and terrorism trifecta, President Biden proposes to underfund our Armed Forces.

“Even if Democrats manage to magically get their runaway inflation under control faster than anybody predicts, their proposal would only flat-fund defense. While China keeps ramping their military spending way up, the Biden budget would have America treading water — at best.

“More likely, if Democrats’ high inflation sticks around, the President’s proposal would actually cut the military’s purchasing power.

“As we speak, Secretary Austin, General Milley, and DOD Comptroller Michael McCord are testifying before the Armed Services Committee to provide some answers about their boss’s baffling budget request.

“These senior leaders have a responsibility to be strong advocates within the Administration for the resources that our servicemembers need.

“When the far left wanted President Obama to slash military spending, Secretary Leon Panetta waged an impassioned public and private campaign to stick up for the national defense.

“But if Secretary Austin is advocating for the military’s bottom line, he’s not doing so effectively.

“The Administration’s proposed defense increase of 4% before inflation doesn’t come anywhere near meeting our military’s requirements to compete with China and preserve peace into the future.   

“Yet the same budget lavishes a gigantic 14% increase on discretionary domestic spending.

“If our colleague Chairman Sanders wrote a budget and gave the Pentagon zero input or influence, it might not look much different than the Administration’s actual product.

“Madam President, the world is a dangerous place. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other adversaries remind us of this basic fact every day. Our Commander-in-Chief needs to get with the program.”


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