Bipartisan Cooperation Needed to Complete Senate’s Important Work

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding completing work on Zika/veterans funding, continuing government operations:


“There have been broad requests for a clean continuing resolution. So that’s what I’ve just offered. It’s the result of many, many hours of bipartisan work across the aisle.

“It’s a fair proposal that funds all current government operations through December 9, while also providing funding for the new legislation we’ve just passed overwhelmingly and that the President has signed — that’s legislation to address the heroin and prescription opioid epidemic and the TSCA bill.

“It contains a significant down-payment on flood relief for many states, including Maryland, West Virginia, and Louisiana. And of course, it includes important resources to support our veterans and combat Zika. These are resources needed to help develop a vaccine and promote mosquito control.

“Members will have the next four days to review before any votes are taken in relation to this issue.

“Further, we expect the President to either sign, or to send up the veto message on JASTA by tomorrow. Beginning the process on the clean CR today will ensure that there is adequate time to finish before the override vote and before the current government funding runs out next week. Then we can turn to the veto override.

“I look forward to continued bipartisan cooperation so that we can complete our important work on Zika/Veterans funding and the clean CR that will fund the government through December 9.”

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