Bob Dole Honored at the “Epicenter of Our Democracy”

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding Senator Bob Dole:

“Today, the Capitol is once again hosting a hallowed tradition.

“The United States Congress just solemnly welcomed late friend, colleague, and leader Robert J. Dole one final time. This most distinguished soldier-statesman now lies in state at the epicenter of our democracy.

“Our nation has bestowed this honor only 33 times in its history – to presidents, to senators and representatives, to heroes of war.

“With today’s ceremony, Bob’s path aligned one last time with his Army Hospital buddy turned longtime fellow Senator Danny Inouye.

“It was amazing enough that Bob’s and Danny’s paths converged all the way from bedside bridge games in the 1940s to votes on this floor into the 1990s. But now they have both rested on the exact same catafalque that has held up our great statesmen dating back to President Lincoln.

“Bob Dole earned these honors many, many times over.

“Through a heroic fight that began on Hill 913 and left lifelong scars…

“Through accomplished service at both ends of this building…

“And in a bid for even higher office conducted with integrity and grace.

“Bob Dole left this chamber a quarter century ago, but service to his beloved Kansas and his fellow Americans remained the focus of his life until the moment he was called home on Sunday.

“The sting of losing our friend is still fresh. But we are proud to celebrate this extraordinary American – now draped in the colors to which his entire life was dedicated, and already at home in eternal rest.”


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