Democrats’ Inflation Hammering Kentucky Families

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding inflation:

“Democrats’ massive inflation is an inescapable, painful, daily reality for working families.

“These policy failures have hammered my home state of Kentucky. Last year, even as many Kentuckians earned raises, prices skyrocketed faster.

“Used car prices shot up 40% in the Commonwealth last year.

“In Louisville, the gas to drive those cars costs more than a dollar more per gallon today than a year ago.

“In typical Bluegrass fashion, neighbors are helping one another as best they can. According to the owner of the Parkette Drive-In in Lexington, even as prices for ingredients like chicken have nearly doubled, he’s chosen to cut back as much as possible on his end to avoid raising prices for customers.

“But as hard as Kentuckians try, Democrats’ reckless policies are coming home to roost.

“As one father of four who lost his job following the devastating Mayfield tornado in December put it: ‘There’s no stretching money at this point.’

“An outright majority of Americans say inflation is ‘not at all’ under control. Seven in ten say our economy is in bad shape. And by all accounts, they know exactly who to blame for a year of painful challenges.

“63% of Americans – nearly two thirds – say they disapprove of how President Biden is handling the economy. That number just keeps rising.

“But Washington Democrats do not appear to have gotten the message. The Biden Administration’s new budget proposal leans even further into the policies that got us here.

“Even as President Biden’s already presided over soaring prices for gas and home heating fuels, he wants massive new tax hikes on American-made fossil fuels.

“He wants to skyrocket discretionary domestic spending on a whole catalog of liberal wish-list items.

“And he wants to compound the pain on our economy by slapping the biggest tax hikes in American history on top of it all.

“Mr. President, the past year has taught us how painful Washington Democrats’ policies can be for hardworking Americans. The Administration needs to stop trying to dig this hole deeper.”


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