Despite Bipartisan Opposition, Senate Democrats Filibuster to Protect President’s Iran Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding the Democrats’ filibuster of the resolution of disapproval:

“The issue before us is of immense consequence to our country. The American people are entitled to a real voice, and to know where their elected Senators stand.

“Until recently, this was a principle members of both parties appeared to endorse.

“In fact, not a single Democrat voted against the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act when it passed the Senate 98-1 a few months ago.

“They told us that this was an issue too important for political games. Here’s what one Democratic colleague said just last week:

“‘As a caucus that was opposed to games with filibusters over the last four years, I would think it would be really regrettable if we didn't ultimately go to the floor and cast our votes for or against this deal.’

“But that was last week.

“Democratic Senators just voted to filibuster and block the American people from even having a real vote on one of the most consequential foreign policy issues of our age.

“It’s telling that Democrats would go to such extreme lengths to prevent President Obama from even having to consider legislation on this issue. If the President is so proud of this deal, then he shouldn’t be afraid. He should wield his veto pen with pride and explain his rationale to the American people.

“But this is a deal that was designed to go around Congress and the people from the start. That’s part of the reason the President ended up with a deal so bad that a bipartisan congressional majority would reject it.

“It would empower Iran to maintain thousands of centrifuges and become a recognized nuclear-threshold state, forever on the edge of developing a nuclear weapon.

“It would effectively subsidize Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Assad regime in Syria by showering tens of billions of dollars on their benefactors in Tehran.

“It would leave Iran with an enrichment capability just as the Iranian leadership is again calling for Israel’s destruction — and praying for ours.

“This deal is sure to have many consequences that will last well beyond this administration, and yet — as things presently stand — it would limp along with little or no buy-in or input from Congress or the people.

“That should not be an acceptable outcome to Democrats, even those who support this deal.”

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