Keeping Poison Pills Out of Trade Bill a Positive Step For Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding 21st century American trade agenda:

“I was glad to see our Democrat friends accept our path forward on trade yesterday.
“Under our plan, the Senate will avoid the poison pills that had been floated in favor of the very type of bipartisan approach we’ve been advocating for all along. It follows regular order. It allows Senators to express themselves without endangering more American trade jobs for the people we represent.
“So this is good news.
“It’s good news for bipartisanship.
“It’s good news for a new Congress that’s getting back to work.
“And it’s good news for America’s Middle Class.
“The people we represent deserve the kind of good jobs we could secure by knocking down unfair trade barriers. One estimate shows that trade agreements with Europe and the Pacific could support as many as 1.4 million additional jobs in our country. In Kentucky, they could support more than 18,000 additional jobs.
“But we can’t get there without first passing the kind of legislation we’ll vote to open debate on this afternoon.

“It’s the only way to enact the clear standards and guidelines our trade negotiators need to move forward, and that Congress needs to appropriately assert its authority in this area.
“So yesterday’s agreement is significant.
“I want to thank Chairman Hatch and his negotiating partners for the good, bipartisan cooperation that got us here.
“I’d like to thank the President too. No, you’re not hearing things. President Obama has done his country a service by taking on his base and pushing back on some of the more ridiculous rhetoric we’ve heard. He was right to remind everyone that ‘you don’t make change through slogans’ or ‘ignoring realities.’ He should be recognized for it.
“The American people sent divided government to Washington. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want us to work together on issues where we can agree.
“On this issue, we do agree.
“Today’s vote moves us closer to achieving a positive outcome for the people we represent.
“And I look forward to continued positive engagement from both the President and members of both parties as we move forward on these bills.

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