McConnell Calls for Serious Debate on President’s Deal with Iran

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding the Senate debate of the President’s deal with Iran:

“This afternoon, the Senate will engage in a debate of immense importance to our country.

“I again ask every Senator to reflect upon its gravity.

“At its heart, this is about more than just the short-term prospects of one agreement, or the long-term legacy of one president, or the narrow interests of one political party.

“Wrapped within are larger questions about the prospects for stability in a region, the potential for safety in a nation, and the continued role for our country in a dangerous and uncertain world.

“We can’t escape these questions. Their answers carry the potential to touch every American, and future generations.

“The American people deserve our deliberate and considered responses.

“The American people deserve a Senate that can rise to the moment.

“Tired talking points won’t get us there.

“A filibuster won’t do it either.

“But here’s what will:

“Respecting each other will get us there.

“Serious discussion will get us there.

“A debate worthy of the moment will get us there.

“That’s what I’m calling for again today.

“I ask every Senator to join me at their desks this afternoon, so that we might each listen to colleagues as well as debate colleagues.

“A serious debate and an open vote on this issue is the least our country should expect. That’s the least we should be able to give them.”

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