McConnell Congratulates the USO on 75th Anniversary

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today commemorating the 75th anniversary of the USO:

“When Americans hear ‘USO,’ they often think of Bob Hope. There’s no question that he helped lift the spirits of countless men and women in uniform. But the USO impacts military personnel in a number of other important ways too — something it’s been doing for decades.

“75 years in fact, to the day.

“I think every colleague will join me in commemorating this impressive 75-year anniversary.

“Our men and women in uniform sacrifice a great deal to defend us. So do their families. One of the things the USO excels at is helping them stay connected.

“Connected to hometowns.

“Connected to loved ones.

“Connected to the simpler joys in life.

“From providing deployed soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines with the opportunity to phone home, to providing world class entertainment, to helping servicemembers find meaningful employment once their service is complete, the USO’s mission is broad in scope – and it has made a lasting and positive impact on many since it was first conceived just before World War II.

“Much of that credit is due to Americans’ willingness to volunteer.

“Our military personnel — and especially our forward deployed and combat arms units — willingly trade the comforts of home for harsh living conditions. They often forgo life’s precious moments, like celebrating a child’s birthday or a first day of school. And they’re willing to put everything on the line for us.

“The USO provides one more platform to say ‘thank you’ for that service, to show gratitude for that sacrifice, to let every American in uniform know what they mean to us.

“Congratulations to the USO for 75 years of service to troops and their families. We hope you will continue your important work for many years to come.”

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