McConnell: Senate Must Focus on Helping Ukraine Win

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding Ukraine:

“More than two months into Russia’s war on Ukraine, the free world has observed a few important dynamics.

“First, we saw the incredible resilience of the Ukrainian people, and their resolve to win. Second, we saw how ill-prepared Putin’s forces were to encounter serious resistance. But most recently, we’ve been reminded of what a wounded bear is able, and willing, to do.

“The terrible destruction of Mariupol, the constant barrages of contested towns in the east, and the continuing long-range missile attacks against cities far from the front are a stark reminder of the horrific costs of this conflict that may continue for some time.  

“Our brave friends in Ukraine are not out of the woods. And as I’ve said repeatedly, America and our allies must be willing to help them win. If the outcome of this conflict is an emboldened Russia or a fractured Ukraine, there is no question that the risks to the United States, NATO, and other American partners will grow.   

“First and foremost, that means serious, ongoing commitments to deliver more of the sorts of lethal capabilities that have sustained their resistance thus far.  

“The U.S. is rightly the leading supplier of military assistance to Ukraine’s fighting forces, but to the Administration’s credit they are also increasingly coordinating a growing international response.  

“While the preponderance of our support should focus on ensuring Ukraine has the military capacity to defend itself in the months ahead, we should also contribute to the multinational economic and humanitarian support Kyiv needs.

“We must also make new investments in U.S. capabilities, addressing munitions shortfalls and defense industrial bottlenecks to ensure we can more rapidly produce critical weapons systems 

that could prove essential for Ukraine, vulnerable Eastern Flank allies, or our own military in the months ahead.

“Obviously, there is bipartisan support for a robust aid package. But even a strong bipartisan vote will not mean much if we don’t deliver on this promise soon.  

“For this reason we cannot allow this bill to be a vessel for extraneous matters. This isn’t about battling climate change; this is about helping Ukraine defeat a military aggressor on the battlefield.  

“Urgent assistance for Ukraine’s fight must move at the speed of relevance. Every day this aid spends tied down to unrelated business here in Washington is a day it’s not helping Kyiv turn the tide.

“If the Senate is serious about helping Ukraine win, we need to show it by passing supplemental assistance.

“Clean. No strings attached. And soon.”


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