McConnell Urges Passage of Keystone, Calls on President to Sign Bill Into Law

‘We want to get Washington functioning again. And we want to pass common-sense ideas. The Keystone debate is showing how we can do both.’

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor urging passage of the Keystone Pipeline bill, a bipartisan infrastructure bill:

“Today, the Senate will resume consideration of the Keystone bill. 

“There are up to 18 roll call votes scheduled this afternoon on pending amendments to the bill.  I commend Chairman Murkowski and Senator Cantwell for working with our colleagues to get dozens and dozens of amendments up and voted on in the three weeks we’ve been working on this bill.

“It is now time to get through the remaining amendments and vote up or down on passage of this bill before we leave for the week.


“Thanks to the bill-manager efforts I just mentioned, along with the years-long work undertaken by members on both sides — Senator Hoeven in particular — we expect this bipartisan bill to finally pass the Senate.
“We expect the filibuster of good American jobs to soon come to an end.
“That’s good news for the Senate. It’s even better news for the people we represent. It would show their Congress is capable of defying the type of powerful special interests who oppose Keystone, so we can get things done for the middle class.
“Constructing this infrastructure project would pump billions into our economy. It would support thousands of jobs. And it would do it all with minimal environmental impact. That’s according to what we’ve heard from the president’s own State Department.
“So it just makes sense to get this bipartisan legislation to the president for his signature. We hope he’ll sign Keystone’s jobs into law. The President should expect more good ideas to head his way too.

“That’s the goal of this new Congress. We want to get Washington functioning again. And we want to pass common-sense ideas.

“The Keystone debate is showing how we can do both.”

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