Protecting Supreme Court Safety and Independence Should Not be Controversial

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding the Supreme Court:

“Two years ago, the Senate Democratic Leader addressed a crowd on the steps of the Supreme Court and threatened Justices if they didn’t rule the way he wanted.

“Now far left crowds are surrounding Justices’ private family homes.

“They want to use intimidation to influence the outcome in a pending case.

“This should be easy for leaders to condemn. All Americans should agree that judges and juries ought not be subjected to threats or intimidation campaigns.

“And, admirably, some on the political left have spoken out against their fringe.

“The Washington Post Editorial Board has condemned this.

“The number-two Senate Democrat, our colleague from Illinois, said, ‘I think it’s reprehensible. Stay away from homes and families…’

“His counterpart across the Capitol, the number-two House Democrat, Leader Hoyer, said, ‘We need to protect Supreme Court Justices and their families, period. We’re a nation of laws, not of violence, not of intimidation… laws.’

“But Leader Schumer and the White House will not follow suit. They won’t condemn the harassment; they’ve basically endorsed it. And top Democrats are standing in the way of concrete action.

“A few days ago, the Senate unanimously passed legislation to give the Supreme Court’s in-house police force some additional authorities they need to do their jobs.

“This isn’t controversial stuff. It cleared this chamber unanimously.

“But House Democrats have been unwilling to promptly pass it.

“Congressman Jeffries suggested yesterday this uncontroversial bill might be shunted into a lengthy committee process.


“These are essentially clerical fixes. They breezed through the Senate without objection.

“But House Democrat leadership wants to drag this out hearings and markups?

“While mobs assemble at people’s houses?

“I hope this is some misunderstanding.

“I hope Democrats are not intentionally stalling these security measures until after the Court has issued its rulings. That would be reprehensible.

“At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, either President Biden or Attorney General Garland has apparently decided not to enforce federal law.

“Like I explained on Monday, Section 1507 of the Criminal Code makes it a crime to picket or parade with the intent of influencing a judge, at locations that include a judge’s residence.

“People have been doing exactly that for days and days now.

“But the Garland Justice Department is nowhere in sight.

“One would think a DOJ run by the former Chief Judge of the D.C. Circuit would need no prodding to protect judicial safety and independence.

“But so far the Attorney General was quicker to pounce on concerned parents at school board meetings.

“The Governors of Maryland and Virginia have had to write a joint letter to the Attorney General begging him to make his U.S. Attorneys do their job and uphold the law.

“Yesterday I sent the DOJ my own letter asking the same question.

“The Senate needs answers, right now. And the Court needs security, right now.”


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