Senate Moves Forward with Open Process on Keystone

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding the Keystone energy debate:

“The Senate will continue its work on the Keystone jobs bill today.

“It’s great to see a real debate on the floor of the Senate again.
“We saw some action in this chamber yesterday. Even some unpredictability.

“We saw how democracy in the Senate has looked many times in the past.

“It’s great to see both sides able to offer amendments once more.

“I know many of our Democrat friends have been ready to give more of a voice to their constituents too.

“I know they’ve been waiting for this moment for some time.
“The Assistant Democratic Leader said he welcomes our vision of a Senate where members, quote, ‘bring amendments to the floor, debate them, vote on them, and ultimately pass legislation.’

“And another Democratic colleague, the Senior Senator from West Virginia, said he was ‘very excited’ about the prospect of an open amendment process. He also noted that it gave members of his party a valuable opportunity to pursue some of their own priorities through the legislative process. 
“The Senator makes an important point about the more open Senate we’re working toward.

‘A more open Senate presents more opportunities for legislators with serious ideas to make a mark on the legislative process. It can give members of both parties a real stake in the outcome. And because it does, it represents one of our best avenues to secure passage of sensible legislation centered on jobs and the middle class.
"That’s something we should all want.

“So I hope members in both parties will help us continue our efforts to make the Senate function better.

“That would be a good thing for our country. It would represent a change from the kind of Senate we’ve seen in recent years. And it would represent a positive step forward, not just for Congress but for the people we represent.”

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