Senate Republican Budget Would Have a Positive Impact on the Economy, Incomes and Jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding the Republican budget that focuses on helping the Middle Class:

“This week, the Senate will pass a balanced budget. It’s an important moment for our country. I know a lot of Americans are excited to see it finally happen.

“Our friends across the aisle don’t seem to be sharing in the enthusiasm though.

“Instead, we seem to hear demands for more taxes.

“More regulations.

“More overspending.

“Basically, more failed policies of the past. These are odd demands, but in the spirit of budget week, we figured—why not give our friends what they’re asking for?

“So last night, we offered them a chance to support President Obama’s budget.

“It drops tax after tax on the American people, to the tune of almost $2 trillion.

“It piles on the regulations.

“And it overspends by trillions and trillions — never balancing, ever.

“No wonder a DC newspaper implied it was a manifestation of the Left’s, quote, ‘dream version of Obama.’

“You’d think our friends would have supported this ‘dream’ budget overwhelmingly.

“But actually, hardly any were brave enough to do so. Apparently, the President’s budget is just so unserious and embarrassing, only a single member of his party could be seen supporting it in public.

“What a contrast to the balanced budget before us today.

“It balances, without raising taxes.

“It acknowledges the obvious truth that Washington has a spending problem, and takes responsible action to get spending under control.

“It also recognizes the undeniable fact that government programs cannot meet their mandate to the vulnerable if left unreformed, and proposes improvements to programs like Medicaid.

“This balanced budget aims to make government more efficient, more effective, and more accountable. It will go a long way toward getting our fiscal house in order.

“But that’s not all this balanced budget is about.

“It’s also about growing the economy. It’s also about raising incomes. It’s also about creating jobs.

“In short, it’s about promoting an economy that works better for the Middle Class of today, and that leaves a more prosperous future to the Middle Class of tomorrow.

“One way to do that is by embracing the energy revolution — by lifting barriers to responsible energy development, just as this budget proposes.

“Another way is by replacing our outdated and ineffective tax code with one that’s simple and effective. So this budget proposes to repeal unfair taxes, like those in Obamacare, and then sets the table for comprehensive tax reform instead. 

“Ideas like these are just common sense. No wonder the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that our balanced budget would accelerate economic growth.

“The truth is, Middle Class Americans have seen a lot of unfairness out of Washington during the Obama years. The Middle Class has had to play by one set of rules and make tough choices, while a big spending Obama Administration got to play by its own rules.
It’s time for that inequality to end.

“It’s time for Washington to make tough choices and balance its own budget, just as the Middle Class has to.

“Now is the time for Washington to move beyond failed ideas of the past—like we saw in the White House’s left-wing ‘dream’ budget—and support a balanced budget instead, one that’s focused on boosting the economy, creating jobs, and raising wages.

“That balanced budget is before us right now.

“I’m calling on every Senator to support it, including our friends on the other side.

“We know they don’t have a budget proposal of their own. And we know they’re too embarrassed to support the President’s.

“So why not show your support for the Middle Class by voting for this balanced proposal?”

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