Senate to Debate Republican Budget that Balances without Raising Taxes

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding the 5th anniversary of Obamacare and the Republican budget:

“We begin this week by remembering a failed idea from the past — Obamacare — and we’ll end by passing balanced legislation about the future.

“Five years ago today, a partisan Obamacare bill was signed into law over the objections of the American people.

“It was rushed through in defiance of the experts who warned it would result in higher costs, fewer choices, and broken promises for the Middle Class.

“And, tragically, that’s just what we’ve seen.

“Millions of Americans lost health plans they were promised they could keep.

“Premiums spiked.

“Deductibles skyrocketed.

“Tax time became even more of a burden, often a costlier one.

“And for too many, family doctors and trusted hospitals fell out of network.

“All you have to do is listen to letters like Karen’s, from Louisville, to know that Americans deserve better than what Obamacare has given them.

“Karen was paying $325 a month for her health insurance. But now, she says her premium has spiked to almost $550 a month — with a deductible well in excess of $6,000.

“‘I cannot afford this,’ Karen wrote, ‘but I do not have a choice.’

“‘It scares me to think what will happen if I do get sick.’

“That’s Karen’s story. It’s hardly unique.

“Every member in this body should be striving for something better than the pain of Obamacare.

“And we can. By passing a balanced budget that’s about the future, we can leave Obamacare’s higher costs and broken promises where they belong — in the past — and start fresh, with real health reform.

“That’s just one of the many reasons for Senators to support the balanced budget now before us.

“It’s a budget that recognizes serious fiscal and economic challenges facing our country, and works to address them in a common-sense way.

“Americans know that Washington can’t tax away the challenges confronting us. And Americans know Washington can’t ignore away the problems confronting us either.

“Americans also know that every dollar spent on interest for the growing national debt is essentially wasted. Every dollar spent on interest is one less dollar for a Social Security check, or for helping those who truly need it, or for tax relief.

“That’s why the balanced budget before us is premised on a simple truth: that Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

“I know that this can be hard for some politicians to acknowledge. But politicians have a duty to the American people to admit it.

“They owe it to the American people to explain why the kind of budget blueprints we’ve seen from the White House are just so unserious. President Obama’s budgets skip the tough choices, keep spending more money we don’t have, contain massive tax increases, and never balance — ever.

“Contrast that to the budget before the Senate today.

“It balances. It does so without raising taxes. And it’s the result of open and transparent committee work, led by Chairman Enzi.

“This budget is another example of the new Senate getting back to work for the American people. It’s another example of the new Senate moving past failed ideas from the past like Obamacare, and positioning America for the future instead.

“This balanced budget is all about growing an economy that can work better for the Middle Class of today, and leaving a more prosperous future to the Middle Class of tomorrow.

“It will also provide the procedural tools – via the budget reconciliation process – to bring an end to the nightmare of Obamacare. That’s something all of us should want.

“So, since our friends across the aisle have decided not to offer a budget of their own, I invite them to join us — join us in supporting the growth-oriented and balanced budget that’s before us now.”

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