Senate Will Pass, Send President Trade Promotion Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding bipartisan trade legislation:

“Yesterday's TPA vote was a long-overdue victory for the American worker and the American Middle Class.

“It wasn't easy. Many thought it would never happen. We even saw corks pop in the facts-optional lobby a few weeks ago.

“But that proved to be premature.

“Because here's what we've always known about the legislation we'll vote to send to the President today.

“It's underpinned by a simple but powerful idea: For American workers to have a fair shot in the 21st Century economy, it just makes sense to remove the unfair barriers that discriminate against them and the products they make.

“Some may disagree. They certainly weren't quiet in voicing their opinions. It's okay if they don't share our passion for ending this unfair discrimination against American workers. It's okay if they'd rather rail against tomorrow.

“But a bipartisan coalition in the House and the Senate thought it was time for forward progress instead.

“We were really pleased to see President Obama pursue an idea we've long believed in. We thank him for his efforts to help us pass a bill to advance it.

“We thank all of our friends across the aisle for their efforts too, Senator Wyden most of all.
Over in the House, I commend Speaker Boehner and Chairman Ryan for everything they've done. It hasn't been easy, and without them it wouldn't have been possible.

“And of course, let me thank Chairman Hatch for demonstrating such patience, persistence, and determination throughout this process. He never lost sight of the goal. He never gave up. The people of Utah are lucky to have him.

“The Senate's work on trade doesn't end today. I said the Senate would finish pursuing the rest of the full trade package, and it will.

“We'll take another cloture vote to that end today. That process continues.

“But the key victory for American workers and products stamped 'Made in the USA' comes today.

“The bill we're about to pass will assert Congress’ authority throughout the trade-negotiation process, it will ensure we have the tools we need to properly scrutinize whatever trade agreements are ultimately negotiated, and it will make clear that the final say rests with us.

“We had plenty of bumps along the road. Frankly, a few big potholes too. But we worked across the aisle to get through all of them.

“That's an example of a new Congress that's back to work for the American people. I thank everyone who helped us get here. Now, let's vote again to support the American worker and the American Middle Class by approving the bipartisan TPA bill.”

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