Senate Working to Pass Trade Promotion, FISA and Highway Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor urging passage of bipartisan trade legislation:

“I’m glad the Senate voted yesterday to take another step forward on the important trade legislation before us.
“This bill represents an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to stand strong, together, for the Middle Class.
“So I hope our friends across the aisle will allow us to seize it. I’m optimistic.

“We all know that trade is important for American workers and American jobs. And we all know that, by passing this legislation, we can show we’re serious about advancing new opportunities for bigger American paychecks, better American jobs, and a stronger American economy.

“We want to process as many amendments as we can.

“The Republican and Democratic bill managers, Senators Hatch and Wyden, have done a great job managing this bill in a bipartisan spirit thus far. My hope is that, with some cooperation from across the aisle, we can vote on some amendments today and complete our work on this trade legislation.

“I appreciate all the hard work from both sides that got us to this point. Let’s keep the momentum going so we can finally pass a bill that Republicans, President Obama, and many Democrats all agree is good for the Middle Class, good for our economy, and good for our country.

“Let's also move forward in that same spirit to finish our work on the other two important issues on the Senate's to-do list.

“I’ll speak about one of them in just a moment.

“But the point is, we have to get our work done, however long that takes.

“With bipartisan cooperation, we can get it done as soon as this afternoon.”

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