Supplemental Funding Request Critical To Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hurricane Relief Efforts ‘The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed this supplemental funding request with strong bipartisan support. Now it’s our turn to act

WASHINGTON, D.C. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding passage of the budget for Fiscal Year 2018 and the administration’s supplemental funding request:

“Last week, the Senate took an important step for the fiscal and economic future of our country with passage of the budget for fiscal year 2018. The comprehensive, responsible budget we passed marks out a clear vision for the future. It will put the federal government on a path to balance and it sets out a new course after the long years of the Obama economy, when paychecks stagnated, steady work became harder to find, and retirement for many slipped further away. Because the budget we passed isn’t just about getting our fiscal house in order — though it’s certainly about that — it’s also about getting our economy going again and growing again.

“Perhaps the most important way it does so is by authorizing legislative tools to advance tax reform — and passing tax reform is the most important thing we can do today to get our economy reaching for its true potential. Tax reform is all about helping the middle class succeed. It’s about making it easier to create jobs in America and keep them here. If you had to summarize the effort in one phrase, it’s this: Tax reform is about taking more money out of Washington’s pocket and putting more in yours. More for workers. More for small businesses. More for the middle class.

“After all, as the President wrote over the weekend, ‘we are not talking about the government's money – we are talking about your money, your hard work.’ Now, if you look back a few months, many doubted our ability to get a budget done or advance tax reform. They didn’t see the path forward. Those skeptics underestimated our resolve. The Senate has delivered on the budget, and we will soon have the tools to deliver on tax reform.  We now look forward to our House colleagues’ continued consideration and passage of the budget. Once they do so, we can move forward with tax reform for American families.

“For Americans who have suffered through years of uncertainty – everything from recession to outsourcing to unemployment – we are ready to deliver for you. For those who watched opportunity recede — while the personal wealth of coastal elites grew beyond comprehension — help is on the way. We want to put more money in your pocket, we want to make retirement a reality for you, we want to get this economy moving the way it should — and tax reform is the key to helping us get there.

“I would like to once again thank Chairman Enzi and the members of the Budget Committee for their important work to get the budget resolution passed. I would also like to thank the cloakroom staff, the parliamentarians and clerks, the pages, and the officers of the United States Capitol Police who worked late into the evening to make sure, as they always do, that the Senate runs smoothly. Thanks also goes to Chairman Hatch and the members of the Finance Committee, and we now look forward to their continued good work on development of the kind of tax relief that will get our economy moving again.

“Now, on another matter, the Senate remains committed to doing its part to support the ongoing hurricane relief efforts and, to that end, today we will take a vote to advance the administration’s most recent supplemental funding request. These resources will ensure that FEMA and the rest of the administration have the ability to continue their crucial support to help those impacted by devastating storms.

“Like many colleagues, I’ve been engaged on this issue from the very start. Through several meetings with leaders from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, I’ve gotten the opportunity to hear firsthand how the Senate can help support their relief efforts. I met with Puerto Rico’s Governor last week to get another update on funding requests and to hear about the continuing recovery. In addition, I have continued working with the administration as it responds to these storms. For instance, after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey I met with the Department of Homeland Security’s Acting Secretary to learn more about what would be needed. I also met with President Trump’s eminently qualified nominee to lead that department.

“The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed this supplemental funding request with strong bipartisan support. Now it’s our turn to act. And, as we all know, the administration will continue to actively review hurricane relief and recovery needs and as it does we can expect the transmission of additional supplemental requests for our consideration in the near future. The victims of these hurricanes continue to count on our support, and I look forward to the Senate continuing to do its part to help.” 

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