February 2022
Soaring Inflation Is a Direct, Predictable Result of Democrats’ Policies
January 2022
McConnell Floor Remarks on Justice Breyer’s Announced Retirement
Working Americans Need Better Than Democrats’ Distractions
McConnell Welcomes Kentuckians and All Americans Marching for Life
McConnell Remarks on Ukraine, Russia, and the Biden Administration
365 Days of Bad Policies and Broken Promises
Nearly Every Democrat Tried to “Shatter the Soul of the Senate for Short-Term Power”
“Just the Kind of Shortsighted Power Grab this Body Was Built to Stop”
Democrats Pause Attacking Senate’s 60-Vote Threshold Long Enough to Block Russia Sanctions
U.S. Must Act With Urgency and Seriousness to Deter Russian Aggression
Biden Administration Must Refocus on Real Problems Facing American Families
“Profoundly Unpresidential”
Democrats’ Rule-Breaking Senate Takeover Would Silence Millions of Americans and Permanently Damage the Institution
Top Democrats Want to Take Over the Senate to Take Over Elections to Take Over America
McConnell Delivers Eulogy for Senator Johnny Isakson
McConnell: U.S. and NATO Allies Must Stand Strong in the Face of Russian Threats
Democrats This Desperate for a Partisan Elections Takeover Must Be Denied It
McConnell Pays Tribute to Senator Harry Reid
American Families Need Democrats’ Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree to Stay Shelved
Democrats Who Freely Used the Filibuster Want to Break Senate Rules for Election Law Takeover
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