January 2022
What Pandemic Progress Has the Biden Administration Generated in 12 Months?
December 2021
McConnell Honors Departing Senate Bill Clerk Sara Schwartzman
McConnell Updates Senate on Kentucky Tornado Recovery
Denied $4.9T Spending Spree, Democrats Call for Breaking the Senate and Packing the Court
Americans’ Christmas Wish: Stop the Reckless, Inflationary Far-Left Spending
Amid Devastation and Grief, Kentuckians Lighting Beacons of Hope
Democrats’ Reckless Spree: Steep Costs, and Bad Policy, Too
Bipartisan Defense Legislation Will Bolster Kentucky and the Country
McConnell Continues to Work with Local, Federal Agencies to Provide Kentucky Tornado Relief
Biden Administration’s Mistakes Raise the Stakes for 2021 Defense Bill
The Worst Inflation in Four Decades
McConnell on Devastating Kentucky Tornado Damage
Bob Dole Honored at the “Epicenter of Our Democracy”
Democrats’ Toddler Takeover Cuts Choices, Raises Costs, & “Insults the Diversity of American Families”
McConnell Delivers Rotunda Tribute to Senator Bob Dole
Democrats Promote Soft-on-Crime Prosecutors as Murders Surge
President Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate is “Blatant Overreach”
Washington Democrats Will Own Their Debt Explosion
McConnell Defends Arms Sales to Middle East Partners
Democrats’ Toddler Takeover: Huge Childcare Inflation and Discrimination Against Religion
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