October 2021
McConnell Celebrates Honor Flight and Kentucky Veterans
Democrats’ Latest Effort to Take Over Elections Will Fail in Senate, Like the Others
All-Democrat Government Neglecting Most Basic Governing Duties
Democrats Preparing Anti-Energy Policies as Americans’ Heating Bills Are Set to Soar
Democrats Planning Historic Tax Hikes That Would Hit the Middle Class
Amid Historic Spike in Murder Rate, Biden Administration Pushes Soft-on-Crime Agenda
McConnell Honors Departing Senior Senate Floor Assistant Megan Mercer
Biden Administration Adds Foreign Policy to Growing List of Crises They’ve Created
Democrats’ Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree to Include New Natural Gas Tax and Higher Electricity Costs
Senate Moving Toward McConnell Pathway to Prevent Default
Democrats’ Historic Tax Hikes and IRS Spying Would Hurt American Workers and Help China
Democrats’ Self-Created Debt Drama Puts Governing Failures on Full Display
Democrats’ Reckless Tax and Spending Spree Would Jeopardize Medicare and Reduce New Medicines
Inflation Effectively Cutting Americans’ Pay While Democrats Plot More Spending
On Debt Limit, Democrats Are Sleepwalking Toward Another Avoidable Crisis
September 2021
McConnell Honors Departing Senior Advisor Jane Lee
McConnell Thanks Departing Field Assistant Sue Tharp for 36 Years of Service
Senate Set to Prevent Shutdown by Following Republican Roadmap
Top Generals Contradict President Biden’s Claims on Afghanistan
A Tidal Wave of Tax Hikes and New IRS Snooping
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