August 2021
McConnell Urges More Amendment Votes on Infrastructure
McConnell Honors Departing Chief Counsel Andrew Ferguson
McConnell Thanks Departing Republican Whip Chief of Staff for His Fine Service
McConnell on Debt Limit for Democrats’ Spree: If They Don’t Want Our Input, They Won’t Need Our Help
Vaccines Are Moving COVID from ‘Crisis’ to ‘Challenge,’ But Far Left Wants Permanent Socialism
Capitol Police Awarded Congressional Gold Medal
Biden Administration’s Afghanistan Disaster “Was Not Only Foreseeable, It Was Foreseen”
Government Funding Process Needs to Get Back on a Bipartisan Track
“What Would this Administration Say Is Going Well?”
Bipartisan Senate Work Highlights the Absurdity of Democrats’ Reckless Tax-and-Spend Spree
McConnell Congratulates Senators on Bipartisan Progress, Urges Robust Floor Process on Infrastructure
July 2021
A “Loud, Proud, Would-Be Gun Grabber” with Checkered Resume Should Not Run ATF
Democrats’ ‘Build Back Bloated’ is Costing Middle-Class Families
McConnell Tribute to Former Sen. Carl Levin
McConnell Mourns Former Senate Parliamentarian Bob Dove
Amid Border Crisis that Includes COVID Surge, Democrats Want Amnesty in Tax-and-Spend Spree
McConnell: There Ought to be a Robust, Bipartisan Floor Process for Infrastructure Legislation
Baffling Opposition to Strikes on Al-Shabab Terrorists Ignores the Facts
If States’ Expansive Voting Laws are Anti-Democracy, the Left Will Also Need to Boycott Europe
McConnell Applauds Bipartisan Compromise on Security Funding
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