July 2021
McConnell: Today’s Procedural Vote Will Fail Because the Bill Doesn’t Exist
As Senate Refills Crime Victims’ Fund, Leaders Must Also Fight Surge in Violent Crime
Biden Administration Playing “Partisan Hardball” in Recent String of Firings
Phony Outrage on Voting Laws is Wearing Thin on the American People
Democrats’ Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree is the Last Thing American Families Need
Inflation is Already Turning Workers’ Pay Raises into Pay Cuts, But Democrats Want to Spend Trillions More
McConnell Condemns Democrats’ New Efforts to Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortion
McConnell: The People of Cuba Deserve Our Strong Support
McConnell: Big Lies and Fake Hysteria Will Never Justify Democrats’ Partisan Power Grab
With Inflation Hurting Families, Democrats Want Yet Another Overdose of Overspending?
McConnell on President Biden’s Chaotic Retreat from Afghanistan
June 2021
Senate Should Focus on Bipartisan Work, Not “Designed-To-Fail” Partisan Antics
McConnell to Democrats: Stop Playing Politics With Public Safety
Democrats Pull the Rug Out from Under Bipartisan Infrastructure Negotiators with “Unserious Demands”
A Tale of Two Pipelines: Biden Strategic Priorities “Out of Order”
McConnell: Rewarding Terrorist Sponsors Is Not Coherent Iran Policy
The Senate Will Reject Democrats’ Partisan Power Grab
Senate Will Give Democrats’ Disastrous S. 1 No Quarter
McConnell on Biden’s Afghanistan Retreat: A Series of Avoidable Crises
McConnell: Repealing 2002 AUMF Won’t Solve Terrorist Threat
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