June 2021
Democrats’ S. 1: A Massive Election Takeover With a Fill-In-The-Blank Rationale
McConnell: Economic Recovery Facing Headwinds of Liberal Spending
Washington Democrats Attempt to Impose Their Radical Preferences on Ordinary Americans
McConnell Calls For “Actual Consequences” in Latest IRS Leak
McConnell on Department of Justice IG Investigation: “There is No Need for a Partisan Circus Here in Congress”
McConnell on Burma: “Work Isn’t Over” For Friends of Democracy
Both Sides of Border Still Waiting for Administration to Take Charge of Crisis
Democrats’ Exclusion of Unborn Protections Breaks With Commonsense, Bipartisan Precedent
Democrats Need To “Get Serious” On Infrastructure Spending To Achieve Bipartisan Support
Biden Afghanistan Withdrawal Leaves Unanswered Questions
Senate Democrats’ “Designed to Fail” June Agenda Skips Regular Order
McConnell: Biden Administration Should “Follow Senate’s Productive Example” on Infrastructure
McConnell: Bipartisan 1/6 Report Should Guide Ongoing Security Review
McConnell: Bipartisan Bill “Cannot Be the Senate’s Final Word on Our Competition With China”
Democrats Prioritize Designed-To-Fail Partisan Agenda Over Bipartisan Proposals
Economic Recovery Grapples with Consequences of Democrats’ Multi-Trillion-Dollar Mistake
May 2021
McConnell Strongly Supports January 6th Investigations, Opposes Extra Commission
Democrats’ “Defund the Police” Efforts Coincide with Explosion in Violent Crime
A Bipartisan Process Would Let Senate Finalize China-Focused Legislation
Democrats’ Hard Left Turn Already Hurting Americans — But Liberals Want More
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