May 2021
McConnell Supports Existing Investigations of January 6th, Opposes Democrats’ Partisan Proposal
McConnell: Secretary Becerra Misrepresents Federal Law on “Barbaric” Partial-Birth Abortion
McConnell: Drifting Left, More Democrats Fail to Have Israel’s Back
Democrats Want to Reverse Streamlined Rule that Increased Transparency and Cut Odds of Lawsuits
McConnell: Sweeping Legislation on Senate Floor Needs Bipartisanship & Robust Amendment Process
Democrat Bailout Funneling Taxpayers’ Cash to California Despite Big Surplus
States Having to Clean Up Washington Democrats’ Job Market Mess
McConnell Proud to Support Israel: “Let’s Leave No Doubt Where America Stands”
Iran’s Fingerprints Are All Over Anti-American, Anti-Israeli, and Anti-Arab Terrorism Across the Middle East
Competing With China Requires Funding Defense & Strengthening our Economy
McConnell Honors Fallen Kentucky Officer and U.S. Capitol Police
Opportunities for Bipartisan Progress if Biden Administration Seeks Common Ground
U.S. Must Stand Strong With Israel in the Face of “Inexcusable” Attacks
Democrats’ One-Party Political Takeover Failed in Committee Because It Would Weaken our Democracy
Democrats Block McConnell Amendment to Protect Citizens’ Free Speech Rights and Privacy
Democrats Kill McConnell Amendment to Stop Partisan Takeover of the FEC
McConnell at S. 1 Markup: “We Aren’t Going to Let One Party Take Over Our Democracy”
McConnell Remarks During National Police Week
Despite Vaccines, Democrats Extended Extra Jobless Benefits — and Hiring Disappoints
April 2021
"Our President Will Not Secure a Lasting Legacy Through Go-It-Alone Radicalism”
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