March 2021
McConnell Thanks Acting Sergeant at Arms Jennifer Hemingway
The Democrats Trying to Overturn an Election Want to Rewrite the Rules for the Next One
Biden Administration Sends FEMA to Border, Still Denies it’s a Crisis
McConnell on Challenges Posed by China and Potential for Bipartisan Work
McConnell Calls on Trade Nominee Tai to Support Increasing Exports, Supporting Kentucky Jobs
Becerra Nomination: Light on Health Expertise, Heavy on “Commitment to Partisan Warfare”
Democrats Hypocritically Killing the Filibuster Would Break the Senate
President’s COVID-19 Remarks Tried to Rewrite History and Overrule Science
McConnell Pays Tribute to Departing Assistant Secretary of the Senate Mary Suit Jones
McConnell on Becerra Nomination: Wrong Nominee to Run HHS During a Global Health Crisis
McConnell Remarks One Year Into The COVID-19 Pandemic
McConnell on Environmental Nominees: When Bad Policies are On the Table, Kentucky Families are On The Menu
McConnell on Garland Nomination and Pressing Issues Facing DOJ
McConnell on Upcoming Biden Nominations Votes
McConnell on Democrats’ Partisan Spending Bill and Partisan Power Grab over Elections
McConnell: Purely Partisan Spending Spree “A Colossal Missed Opportunity”
McConnell: Democrats’ Longest Vote in Recorded Senate History Shows Pure Partisanship is “Tougher Than They Thought It Was Going to Be”
Democrats’ Pandemic Plan: “A Tremendous Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision”
Why are D.C. Democrats Desperate to Rewrite Election Law Before Voters Next Decide Their Fates?
Democrats Aim to Exploit Pandemic with Unrelated Partisan Spending Spree
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