March 2021
McConnell Remarks on Biden Administration’s Border Crisis
Democrats Tack to the Left and Leave Families’ Top Priorities on the Cutting Room Floor
McConnell to Biden Administration on Iran: Don’t Surrender Leverage for Nothing
Democrats Using Crisis to Check off Unrelated Liberal Priorities
McConnell Defends Democratic Activists in Burma, Hong Kong
McConnell on Democrats’ Partisan, Non-Targeted COVID Bill: “It Didn’t Have to Be this Way”
February 2021
McConnell Thanks Secretary of the Senate Julie Adams for Her Outstanding Service
“Protecting Democracy Cannot Be a Partisan Issue”
McConnell Remarks on Democrats’ Proposal to Give January 6th Commission a Partisan Slant
Practical Solutions, Not Liberal Wish-List Items, Will Help Americans Put COVID-19 Behind Them
Becerra’s Pattern: Using Government to Attack Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience
“The Evidence Is Crystal-Clear” for Getting America’s Kids Back in School
McConnell on COVID-19 Recovery: “Our Nation Needs This Year to be Different”
McConnell on Impeachment: “Disgraceful Dereliction” Cannot Lead Senate to “Defy Our Own Constitutional Guardrails”
Diverse Protests in Burma a “Powerful Display of Courage”
“American Families Deserve a Process and a Bill that Put Their Actual Needs at the Center”
McConnell Tribute to “Statesman and Scholar” Secretary George P. Shultz
McConnell on Impeachment Trial Agreement
McConnell on Pandemic Recovery: “We Need to Start with the Needs of the Nation”
“No More Goalpost-Moving”: Time to Get America’s Kids Back In School
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