April 2021
Biden’s First 100 Days: The Far Left Is Calling the Shots
Biden Administration Wrong to Seek Defense Spending Cuts While Adversaries Keep Investing
Senate Should Not Confirm a Veteran of the Job-Killing War on Coal
Congress Cannot Let Up on Dangerous Fentanyl Analogues
Biden Administration Foreign Policy: Concessions and Wishful Thinking
Democrats’ Spending Proposal is Neither an “Infrastructure” Plan nor a “Jobs Plan”
H.R. 1 Would Create a Stunning One-Party Takeover of Voting Laws and Elections in Our Country
Biden Climate Agenda: Toothless Requests Abroad, Maximum Pain at Home
“I Will Strongly Oppose Confirming Vanita Gupta to Serve as Associate Attorney General”
Biden Administration’s “Infrastructure” Bill is a Patchwork of Left-Wing Social Engineering
Misguided Afghanistan Plan Creates More Questions than Answers
McConnell Blasts Liberal Efforts to Go Soft on Fentanyl Analogues
Biden Administration’s Answer to Border Crisis? Politically-Correct Proofreading
Hong Kong’s Real Patriots are the People Defending Democracy
“Instead of Trying to Tilt the Scales of Justice with Threats, Policymakers Should Focus on Making Policy”
McConnell on Court-Packing: “Responsible People Across the Political Spectrum Have a Duty to Denounce This”
Democrats’ Disinformation on Voting Laws Designed to Distract from Radical Policies
Missteps on Afghanistan, Iran, and Defense Funding a Troubling Pattern for this Administration
Experts: Democrats’ “Infrastructure” Bill Would Cost More Than $800,000 Per New Job
Clumsy Retreat from Afghanistan Would Be “a Grave Mistake”
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