March 2021
McConnell Remarks One Year Into The COVID-19 Pandemic
McConnell on Environmental Nominees: When Bad Policies are On the Table, Kentucky Families are On The Menu
McConnell on Garland Nomination and Pressing Issues Facing DOJ
McConnell on Upcoming Biden Nominations Votes
McConnell on Democrats’ Partisan Spending Bill and Partisan Power Grab over Elections
McConnell: Purely Partisan Spending Spree “A Colossal Missed Opportunity”
McConnell: Democrats’ Longest Vote in Recorded Senate History Shows Pure Partisanship is “Tougher Than They Thought It Was Going to Be”
Democrats’ Pandemic Plan: “A Tremendous Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision”
Why are D.C. Democrats Desperate to Rewrite Election Law Before Voters Next Decide Their Fates?
Democrats Aim to Exploit Pandemic with Unrelated Partisan Spending Spree
McConnell Remarks on Biden Administration’s Border Crisis
Democrats Tack to the Left and Leave Families’ Top Priorities on the Cutting Room Floor
McConnell to Biden Administration on Iran: Don’t Surrender Leverage for Nothing
Democrats Using Crisis to Check off Unrelated Liberal Priorities
McConnell Defends Democratic Activists in Burma, Hong Kong
McConnell on Democrats’ Partisan, Non-Targeted COVID Bill: “It Didn’t Have to Be this Way”
February 2021
McConnell Thanks Secretary of the Senate Julie Adams for Her Outstanding Service
“Protecting Democracy Cannot Be a Partisan Issue”
McConnell Remarks on Democrats’ Proposal to Give January 6th Commission a Partisan Slant
Practical Solutions, Not Liberal Wish-List Items, Will Help Americans Put COVID-19 Behind Them
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