February 2021
Becerra’s Pattern: Using Government to Attack Religious Liberty and Freedom of Conscience
“The Evidence Is Crystal-Clear” for Getting America’s Kids Back in School
McConnell on COVID-19 Recovery: “Our Nation Needs This Year to be Different”
McConnell on Impeachment: “Disgraceful Dereliction” Cannot Lead Senate to “Defy Our Own Constitutional Guardrails”
Diverse Protests in Burma a “Powerful Display of Courage”
“American Families Deserve a Process and a Bill that Put Their Actual Needs at the Center”
McConnell Tribute to “Statesman and Scholar” Secretary George P. Shultz
McConnell on Impeachment Trial Agreement
McConnell on Pandemic Recovery: “We Need to Start with the Needs of the Nation”
“No More Goalpost-Moving”: Time to Get America’s Kids Back In School
McConnell Tribute as U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick Lies in Honor
McConnell Urges Biden Administration & Allies to Respond to Burma Coup
DHS Nominee Turned USCIS into “Favor Factory” for Powerful Democrats
January 2021
“Piecemeal Green New Deal” Putting Ideology Ahead of Working Americans
McConnell Applauds Virtual March for Life, Condemns Funding Foreign Abortions with Taxpayer Money
McConnell: Nation Deserves Strong, Bipartisan Foreign Policy to Counter Serious Threats
McConnell on Preserving the Legislative Filibuster for Both Parties
McConnell Remarks on the Nomination of Dr. Janet Yellen
McConnell: Continuing to Fight COVID-19 Will Take “Smart, Bipartisan Actions”
McConnell on Ret. Gen. Austin’s Nomination and Civil-Military Relations
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