December 2020
“We Need to get More Bipartisan, Targeted Coronavirus Relief out to the American People”
McConnell Tribute to “Trailblazing” Senator Martha McSally
Americans Need More Targeted COVID-19 Relief
November 2020
“The American People Need More Help and They Need It Now”
McConnell Welcomes Senator Chuck Grassley Back to the Senate
Democrats Still Blocking Vaccine Distribution Funds and Small Business Aid
McConnell on Senator Chuck Grassley’s Historic Voting Streak
Senate Confirming More Impressive Nominees to Federal Courts
McConnell on Important Legislative Priorities before the Senate
Premature Afghanistan Exit Would Jeopardize Trump Administration’s Record of Success
Operation Warp Speed Provides More Good News For COVID-19 Vaccine
McConnell Celebrates COVID-19 Vaccine News and Urges Continued Precautions
McConnell on Sec. Mark Esper and World Affairs
McConnell Celebrates Vaccine Developments and Falling Unemployment Rate
McConnell on Elections: “We Respect the Rule of Law and Trust Our Institutions”
October 2020
McConnell Speaks Before Senate Confirms Judge Barrett
Senate Advances “One of the Most Qualified Nominees for Judicial Service that We Have Seen in our Lifetimes”
McConnell Deconstructs Democrats’ Misstatements
Democrats Have Driven the Politicization of Judicial Confirmations at Every Turn
Democrats Repeating Basic Falsehoods to Justify Court-Packing Threats
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