October 2020
McConnell on Election Security: “We Have Spent the Last Four Years Gearing Up For This”
McConnell Before Senate Vote on More COVID-19 Relief: “The Country Needs an Outcome”
McConnell: Second Round of the Job-Saving Paycheck Protection Program Should Be a Bipartisan Slam Dunk
McConnell: Senate Will Vote to Move Past “All-or-Nothing Obstruction” on COVID-19 Relief
McConnell Applauds Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Qualifications
McConnell: Transparent “Stalling Tactics” Won’t Block Judge Barrett’s Hearings
McConnell on Growing Threats of Religious Discrimination: “It’s Not Just This One Nominee”
McConnell Debunks Democrats’ False Attacks on Judge Barrett and Ahistorical Demands for Recusal
September 2020
McConnell on Democrats Blocking COVID-19 Relief: “The American People are Still Hurting”
McConnell Praises Judge Barrett and Denounces Attacks on Judicial Independence
McConnell: Dishonest Attacks on Judge Barrett Only Prove Why Judges Like Her Are So Necessary
McConnell on Judge Amy Coney Barrett: “This Nominee Could Not be More Fully Qualified to Serve on the Supreme Court”
“Every Single Time”: Far Left Attacks on Nominees Have Not Changed in 45 Years
McConnell Statement on Breonna Taylor & Overnight Violence in Louisville
Senate Republicans Secure Crucial Help for Farmers that House Democrats had Left Behind
Leader Schumer’s Decades-Long History of Politicizing Judicial Confirmations
Schumer “Temper Tantrum” Halted Bipartisan Work on National Security
Democrats’ Threats Against Our Institutions Predate This Vacancy By More Than A Year
McConnell: “President Trump’s Nominee for this Vacancy will Receive a Vote on the Floor of the Senate”
McConnell Speaks in Tribute to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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