March 2020
McConnell on Bipartisan Coronavirus Relief: “The Senate Stepped Up”
“The American People Need Our Democratic Friends to Take “Yes” for An Answer”
“Americans Can’t Afford Political Games. They Need Progress”
McConnell to Senate Democrats: Help Us Reach An Agreement So We Can Do What Needs to Be Done for the American People
McConnell: “This is Not a Political Opportunity. It is a National Emergency”
“We Need to Finish Up These Negotiations and Move Forward”
McConnell Update on Bipartisan Negotiations: “We Are Going to Deliver”
McConnell Introduces the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act
McConnell Outlines Major Coronavirus Relief Proposal: “It Is Critical That We Move Swiftly and Boldly”
McConnell Update on Major Relief Legislation: “Bold Steps to Preserve and Protect the Economic Foundations of our Nation”
McConnell on Coronavirus: This is a Moment for Bold and Bipartisan Action
McConnell on FISA: The Senate Should Not Wait to Act
McConnell on Coronavirus Relief: ‘The House’s Bill Must Only Be The Beginning’
McConnell Calls for Immediate Passage of Important National Security Legislation
McConnell: Republicans Ready to Work with Democrats on Serious Solutions to Help our Nation
McConnell Updates Senate on Non-Official Access to the Capitol
McConnell on Election Security: We Must Stay Vigilant
McConnell on Coronavirus: This Should Not Be a Time for Partisan Bickering
“Let’s Focus on Fighting Foreign Interference, Not Fighting Each Other”
McConnell on Bipartisan Legislation to Promote Domestic Energy: “Let’s Get This Done”
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