March 2019
McConnell Previews House Vote on Democrat Politician Protection Act
Nominees for Fourth and Sixth Circuit Courts Up Next in Senate
Democrats Embracing One Radical, Half-Baked Socialist Proposal After Another
Leader McConnell: Senator Shelby Delivers Results for Alabama and the Nation
February 2019
‘Medicare for None’
Progress Continues on Nominees in Senate
McConnell Statement on President’s Summit in Vietnam
Democrats’ Green New Deal: Foolish and Dangerous
Senate Continues to Make Nominations a High Priority
Democrat Politician Protection Act Contains No Effort to Crack Down on Voter Fraud
Senate Democrats Refuse to Vote to Protect Rights of Babies Born Alive
Senate to Confirm Impressive Nominee for Ninth Circuit Court
Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Senate to Consider Another Well-Qualified Judicial Nominee
Bipartisan, Bicameral Agreement Reached on Border Security, Government Funding
Democrat Politician Protection Act Would Turn Bipartisan FEC Into a Partisan Weapon
McConnell on Border Security, Government Funding: It’s Time to Get This Done
Democrat Politician Protection Act Includes a Taxpayer Bailout for Political Campaigns
Senate to Pass Bipartisan Natural Resources Management Act
Bicameral, Bipartisan Agreement Funds Border Protection, Completes Appropriations Process
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