February 2019
House Democrats Add Poison-Pill Demand to Border Security Funding Debate
The Democrat Politician Protection Act: A Solution to An Invented Crisis
Bipartisan Natural Resources Management Act Would Help Communities Across U.S.
William Barr’s Qualifications and Job Performance Speak for Themselves
President Calls on Congress to Walk Together Along a Higher Road
McConnell: The State of Our Union is Strong and Growing Stronger
Senate Continues Work on Foreign Policy Legislation, Natural Resources Bill Up Next
Babies Born in U.S. Should Have Their Right to Life Respected, Receive Necessary Care
January 2019
Democrats Seeking Power Over Our Nation’s Elections Through the Democrat Politician Protection Act
Senate Democrats Continue Foreign Policy Debate Obstruction
H.R. 1: A Democrat Political Power Grab
Senate Democrats Still Trying to Block Crucial Foreign Policy Debate
“The Democrat Politician Protection Act”
Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act
Senate to Overcome Filibuster of Middle East Policy Bills
McConnell Supports President’s Plan to Re-open the Government
Senate to Vote Today on Compromise to End Government Shutdown
Senate to Vote Tomorrow on Plan to Re-Open the Government, Fund Border Security
Senate to Vote this Week to Re-Open Government, Fund Border Security
McConnell Votes to Support More Protection for the Lives of Unborn Children
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