January 2020
McConnell: Impeachment is Not a Political Game
McConnell: House Democrats Concede the Weakness of Their Impeachment by Asking Senate to Redo Investigation
McConnell Speaks on ‘Brave’ Middle East Protestors Challenging the Iranian Regime
While House Democrats’ Games Hurt the Country, Senate Will Focus on the People’s Business
McConnell: The Senate “Will Not Cede Our Authority” on Impeachment
McConnell: “We Must Remain Vigilant in the Face of the Serious Threat Posed by Tehran”
House Democrats’ Partisan Games Ignore Framers’ Warnings on Impeachment
McConnell: “The Threat Iran Poses Is Not New”
McConnell: House Democrats Continue to Play Political Games With Their Partisan Impeachment
McConnell on Ongoing Threat from Iran: “We Are All Americans First and We Are All In This Together”
McConnell Speaks on Senate’s Role in Impeachment Trial
McConnell Speaks on the Death of Terrorist Leader Qassem Soleimani
December 2019
McConnell Updates Senate on Impeachment Procedure
McConnell Remarks on House Democrats’ Impeachment of President Trump
McConnell: Government Funding Legislation Has Big Wins for Kentucky and All 50 States
McConnell: Potential Senate Trial Should Follow Unanimous Bipartisan Precedent from 1999
McConnell Celebrates Bipartisan NDAA & Bicameral Progress on Appropriations
McConnell on Impeachment Procedures: The Senate’s Duty Is To Conduct a Trial, Not Re-Do House Democrats’ Homework For Them
Democrats Cannot Let Impeachment Crowd Out Basic Governing Duties
Senate Continues to Confirm President Trump’s Well-Qualified Nominees
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