November 2019
McConnell Comments on Turkish President’s Visit to the White House
McConnell Urges Support for President Trump’s Well-Qualified Nominees
With Democrats Blocking Urgent Legislation, Senate Will Consider More of President Trump’s Nominees
While Conflicts Roil Key Regions Worldwide, Democrats Block Legislation for National Defense
House Democrats Putting Impeachment Ahead of USMCA
The Land of The Free Because of The Brave
McConnell Praises SEC for Significant Step to Increase Transparency and Accountability
McConnell Sponsors New Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Coal Families’ Health Care and Pension Benefits
McConnell Proud Senate Continues Confirming More of President Trump’s Well-Qualified Judicial Nominees
Twitter’s Ban on Paid Political Speech Follows Anti-Speech Headwinds from Washington
Democrats Prioritize Impeachment Over Bipartisan Priorities Like Defense Funding and USMCA
McConnell Urges Senate to Confirm Judge David Tapp
Democrats Block Defense Funding, Promote Destructive Socialism
October 2019
McConnell: ‘The United States Should Stand With These Protestors’
Leader McConnell Congratulates the World Series Champions, the Washington Nationals
McConnell on Turkey Incursion, Sanctions
While Democrats Focus on Impeachment, Republicans Focus on Funding Our Troops
Democrats Want to Increase Premiums, Rollback States’ Flexibility and Health Care Choices
House Democrats’ Impeachment Resolution: No Due Process Now, Maybe Some Later, But Only If We Feel Like It
Democrats Threaten to Block Funding for Our Servicemembers
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