October 2019
Will Democrats Block Funding for the Men and Women Who Keep Us Safe?
Democrats Want to Restrict States’ Ability to Lower Premiums and Increase Health Care Choices
USDA to Issue New Policy Implementing McConnell Hemp Initiative
The Honorable Kay Hagan
Upcoming Vote on Defense Funding Will Show Whether Impeachment is Crowding Out Critical Priorities
McConnell Praises Intelligence Community, Brave U.S. Forces, and President Trump for Bringing ISIS Leader to Justice
Opioid Fight Remains Top Priority
McConnell Highlights Important Events at U.S. Capitol
Democrats Want Middle-Class Families To Subsidize Blue-State Millionaires
House Democrat Proposal is Designed to Reduce Free Speech in America
McConnell Introduces Syria Resolution in the Senate
Democrats Must Not Continue to Block Funding Our Armed Forces
Senate Needs to Make a Strong, Strategic Statement on Syria
McConnell Urges Senate to Oppose Democrats’ War on Coal Revival
Chairman Elijah Cummings
While Democrats Indulge Three-Year-Old Impeachment Obsession, Senate Republicans Ready to Deliver Real Progress for American Families
McConnell on Turkish Escalation: ‘This Violence Needs To End’
‘House Democrats Have Wasted No Time Throwing Fairness and Precedent to the Wind’
September 2019
McConnell: The American People Deserve to Have an Excellent Trade Deal in Place
McConnell: Democrats Should Not Create “False Choice” Between Border Security and Military Construction Projects
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