September 2019
While House Democrats Indulge Impeachment Obsession, Senate Republicans Focused on American People’s Business
Far-Left Socialist Ideology Becoming Increasingly Mainstream in Democratic Party
McConnell: Senate Will Vote on Short-Term Government Funding This Week
McConnell: Senate Intelligence Committee Work Should Remain Free from Politics
Democratic House Continues to Churn Out One Left-Wing Messaging Bill After Another
McConnell on Appropriations: I Remain Hopeful We Can Get Process Back on Track
Senate Democrats Continue to Block Critical Defense Funding
Our Nation Continues to Make Incredible Strides Toward Energy Independence
McConnell Urges Democrats Not To Filibuster Critical Funding for Defense
Senate Begins Process to Advance First Set of Appropriations Bills
McConnell on Democrats’ Latest Attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh
Defense Funding Should Not Play Second Fiddle to Political Games
McConnell Speaks in Support of Regular Appropriations Process
‘September 11th Changed Our Way of Life’
McConnell Thanks Ambassador John Bolton for Service as National Security Advisor
McConnell: No Time To Waste When It Comes To Appropriations
McConnell Marks 400th Anniversary of Our Land’s “Shameful History of Slavery”
Senate to Confirm More of the President’s Well-Qualified Nominees
Nominations, Appropriations Up Next in Senate
August 2019
Senate to Pass Administration-Pelosi Budget Deal
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