July 2019
Administration-Pelosi Budget Deal Will Restore Readiness of Our Armed Forces
McConnell on Democracy and Autonomy in Hong Kong: “The World Is Watching”
Senate to Pass September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Bill
Administration-Pelosi Budget Deal Will Provide Necessary Funding to Rebuild and Modernize Our Military
Mark Esper: A Well-Prepared Nominee for a Post of Vital Importance
Far-Left Agenda Would Harm Vulnerable Communities Just As Republican Agenda Is Helping Them Rebuild
McConnell: House Should Pass Senate’s Strong Bipartisan Legislation to Stand Against Anti-Semitism
Important Tax Treaties Would Eliminate Unfair Competitive Disadvantage for American Businesses
Secretary of Defense Nominee Mark Esper: A Man of Honor and Integrity
McConnell on the Passing of Justice John Paul Stevens
Fairer Treatment for American Job Creators, More Enticement for Foreign Investors
A Pro-Worker, Pro-Family, Pro-Opportunity Economic Moment
Nominations, Ratification of Important Tax Treaties Up Next in Senate
More Well-Qualified Nominees Confirmed with Bipartisan Support in Senate
Important Work Continues to Keep Our Elections Secure
McConnell: Preserving and Protecting Our Elections is a Crucial Task
More Job Opportunities, Wage Growth, New Investment Thanks to Republican Policies
Senate Continues to Make Headway in the Personnel Business
Senate Will Continue to Confirm Highly-Qualified Nominees for Important Federal Offices
A Proud National Legacy of Liberty
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