March 2017
Obama Regulations Unsustainable for America’s Students, Educators
Senate Working to Protect Americans from Harmful Obama Regulations
Obamacare: Paying More For Less
Americans Need Health Care Solutions That Actually Work
Providing Relief from Costly Obama Regulations
Judge Neil Gorsuch Continues to Earn Praise
McConnell on Obamacare: The American People Need Help Now
McConnell: We Have a Historic Opportunity Before Us
February 2017
McConnell Welcomes the President to the Capitol
Historic, Unprecedented and Harmful Obstruction
One of the Most Impressive Supreme Court Nominees We’ve Ever Seen
Obamacare is Unsustainable
Pruitt is The Leader We Need at the EPA
Senate Stands Up For Constitutional Rights of the Disabled
McConnell Welcomes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Senate Democrats Causing Slowest Cabinet Confirmation Process in Modern History
Senate Democrats Should Follow The ‘Ginsburg Standard’ and Not A ‘Double Standard’ in Considering the Gorsuch Nomination
Leader McConnell Recognizes Senator Hatch, Longest-Serving Republican Senator
The Senate Needs to Confirm the President’s Nominees
McConnell on Sessions: Fair in Action. Bound to the Constitution. A Defender of Civil Rights.
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