September 2016
McConnell: We Should Pass the Fair and Clean CR
Bipartisan Cooperation Needed to Complete Senate’s Important Work
McConnell: The United States Must Live Up to Its Commitments
McConnell: Obamacare’s Legacy is an Attack on the Middle Class
McConnell: Ensuring the Safety of All Americans Remains Our Top Priority
McConnell Praises Infrastructure, Commerce Components of Water Resources Development Act
McConnell Welcomes Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
McConnell: Obamacare is a Direct Attack on the Middle Class
McConnell: Obamacare is a Failing Partisan Law
McConnell Provides Update on Zika, Veterans Funding
McConnell: Obamacare is failing the Middle Class
McConnell: Inexcusable that Senate Democrats Continue to Block National Defense and Anti-Zika Efforts
McConnell Urges Senate Democrats to Stop Blocking Support for National Defense and Anti-Zika Efforts
July 2016
Republican Leadership Gets Senate Working for the American People
Senate Democrats Put Partisan Politics Before Veterans, Servicemembers, Families
With Democrat Cooperation, Senate Can Pass Anti-Zika Efforts and Funding for Troops
Senate Democrats’ Partisan Politics Blocks Critical anti-Zika Efforts, Support for Troops
Republican-Led Senate Works to Combat Opioid Epidemic, Keep Americans Safe
‘Truly a Comprehensive Response to the Opioid Epidemic’
Memorial Service in Dallas
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