June 2019
U.S.-Mexico Friendship Should Combine Mutual Security Efforts with a Prosperous Trading Relationship
Senate Continues to Clear Backlog of Nominees Left By Democrats’ Obstruction
McConnell on Border Crisis: It is Long Past Time for Action
McConnell Receives Distinguished Leader Award at Susan B. Anthony List Annual Gala
McConnell Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote
Senate Considering More Impressive, Uncontroversial Nominees
Leader McConnell Remembers Senator Thad Cochran
McConnell on Virginia Beach Shooting
May 2019
Leader McConnell Meets with Secretary of Defense Nominee Patrick Shanahan
Senate Passes Bipartisan Disaster Relief Bill
Experts, Advocates and Public Health Groups Rallying Around the Tobacco-Free Youth Act
Senate Will Not Adjourn Without Voting to Fund Communities Hit by Natural Disasters
McConnell: America Must Give Iran No Reason to Misjudge Our Resolve
Americans Across the Country Struggling to Rebuild from Natural Disasters
Four More Judicial Confirmations Today in the Senate
Public Health Groups Express Support for the Tobacco-Free Youth Act
McConnell: Time to Deliver Resources for Disaster Victims
Senate Considering Five More Judicial Nominees This Week
McConnell Introduces Legislation to Make 21 the New Minimum Age for Purchasing Tobacco Products
Senate Republicans Won’t Let These Far-Left Dreams Get in the Way of Progress for Middle-Class Families
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