April 2019
Democrats’ Latest Socialist Scheme: Medicare for None
Several Well-Qualified Nominees Being Considered in Senate This Week
Well-Qualified Nominees to Receive Prompt Senate Consideration
Leader McConnell Thanks Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
Leader McConnell Remembers Senator Fritz Hollings
Senate Takes Step to Move Nominees at a Reasonable Pace, Fill Important Jobs
NATO has Shaped World History for the Better
The American People Deserve the Government They Elected
Let’s Do the Right Thing for the Senate
‘Our Work on Disaster Funding is Far from Finished’
McConnell on Disaster Funding: This Does Not Need To Be a Difficult or Partisan Decision
March 2019
Senate Resolution Would End Systematic Obstruction on Nominees
Court Packing: A Radical Proposal Dead and Buried by Bipartisan Consensus for Almost a Century
Disaster Funding Legislation Would Address Urgent Needs, Deliver Critical Resources
Senate Votes to Advance Disaster Funding Legislation
‘Green New Deal’ Fails in Senate
Leader McConnell Speaks at AIPAC Policy Conference
Green New Deal: Pain for American Families, No Meaningful Change in Carbon Emissions
This Week in the Senate: Green New Deal, Nominations
'No Collusion, No Conspiracy, No Obstruction'
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