March 2018
Increased Retirement Benefits for American Workers Thanks to Tax Reform
Senate to Consider Bipartisan Banking Reform Bill
Senator Cochran Leaving Senate After Long, Distinguished Career
McConnell Speaks at AIPAC Policy Conference
Tax Reform: A Simple Idea With An Extraordinary Impact
Workers, Small Business Owners Already Reaping Benefits From Tax Reform
A Fitting Tribute For ‘America’s Pastor’
February 2018
Congressional Ceremony Preceding the Lying in Honor of the Reverend Billy Graham
Senate To Vote On Another Worthy Judicial Nominee
McConnell: I Remain Eager To Improve Our Immigration, Security Policy
Middle Class American Families Seeing Benefits From Tax Reform
McConnell: Let’s Make Law, Not Political Points on Immigration, Border Security
McConnell on Parkland, Florida Tragedy
Tax Reform Benefiting Employees Across America
Reforms Necessary to End Needless Bureaucratic Delays on Infrastructure
It’s Time for Democrats to Stop Stalling DACA, Border Security Debate
American Households Seeing Lower Utility Bills Thanks To Tax Reform
On Immigration Reform, Border Security, Senate Needs to Look Past Talking Points, Focus on Making Law
Infrastructure: A Bipartisan Priority
Senate Will Proceed to Immigration, Border Security Debate
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