July 2016
With Democrat Cooperation, Senate Can Pass Anti-Zika Efforts and Funding for Troops
Senate Democrats’ Partisan Politics Blocks Critical anti-Zika Efforts, Support for Troops
Republican-Led Senate Works to Combat Opioid Epidemic, Keep Americans Safe
‘Truly a Comprehensive Response to the Opioid Epidemic’
Memorial Service in Dallas
Senate Has Opportunity to Combat Opioid Epidemic and Zika, Support Troops
Now is the Time to Get Opioid Legislation to the President’s Desk
Senate Democrats Block Bills That Would Help Protect Our Communities
McConnell Discusses Senate Focus on Serious Solutions; Previews Legislative Schedule
June 2016
Senate Must Act Now on Bipartisan Puerto Rico Legislation
Senate Democrats Put Partisan Politics Over Women’s Health, Nation’s Veterans
The Terror Attack in Istanbul
Senate Democrats Block Support for Veterans, Anti-Zika Efforts
Senate Must Pass Critical Veterans Funding, Anti-Zika Efforts
Senate Democrats Should Not Block Critical Veterans Funding, Anti-Zika Efforts
McConnell Encourages Senate Democrats to Support Critical Veterans Funding, Anti-Zika Efforts
A Serious Moment That Calls For Serious Solutions
Senators in Both Parties Should Work to Fight ISIL
America Needs ‘Serious Solutions’ From the President to Defeat ISIL
Preventing ISIL-Inspired Attacks Requires Defeating ISIL
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