December 2018
Senate Continues To Confirm President’s Abundantly Well-Qualified Nominees
Senate to Vote on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Nominee
Remembering President George H. W. Bush
President George H. W. Bush
Leader McConnell Pays Tribute to President George H. W. Bush
November 2018
Leader McConnell Tribute to Senator Heller
Senate Focused on Wrapping Up This Year’s Priorities
Senate Continues to Work on Nominations and Important Legislation
Important Business to Be Completed in Senate Before End of the Year
Long List of Bipartisan Accomplishments
Senate Passes Coast Guard, Inland Waterways Legislation
McConnell Welcomes New Senators
Bipartisan Bill to Provide Critical Funding for U.S. Coast Guard
October 2018
Bipartisan Accomplishments Continue in Senate
The Senate Will Not Let Unhinged Tactics Replace Reasoned Judgment
Senate to Vote on Protecting Choices for Health Care Consumers
American Unemployment Reaches Lowest Rate in Almost Fifty Years
America’s Water Infrastructure Act To Be Signed Into Law
Justice Kavanaugh Hears First Supreme Court Arguments
Senate to Pass Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Legislation
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