September 2018
Bipartisan Praise for Judge Kavanaugh’s Record
August 2018
A Growing and Vibrant Economy
Completing Unfinished Business in August
Honoring John McCain
‘The Senate Won’t Be the Same Without John McCain’
Praise for Judge Kavanaugh from Across the Political Spectrum
Senate Working to Fund National Priorities, Local Impacts
McConnell Discusses Senate Work To Be Completed By Labor Day
Appropriations Legislation to Provide Funding to Address Opioid Crisis, Medical Research
Bonuses, Pay Raises, Tax-Cuts for Middle Class Families Across America
America’s Economy Continues to Steam Ahead
Appropriations Legislation Will Provide Our Military With The Support They Deserve
McConnell on the Affordable Clean Energy Rule
McConnell on Economy: Good News Continues to Roll In
Continued Bipartisan Progress on Appropriations
Healthy Economy, Tax Reform, Paying Dividends For Americans
Two More Impressive Nominees for the Fourth Circuit
Senate Continues Work on Vital Appropriations Legislation
Best Evaluation of Judge Kavanaugh’s Nomination is His Twelve-Year Record on the D.C. Circuit Court
Middle Class Families, Small Businesses Continue to Benefit from Republican Agenda
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