June 2018
Senate to Pass Appropriations Bills, Begin Work on Farm Bill
President to Award Kentucky War Hero with Medal of Honor
Tax Reform Continues to Benefit Families, Businesses Across the Country
Important Work Continues in Senate on Appropriations
Six Months Since Passage of Historic Tax Reform
Appropriations Bill Includes Important Funding for Military, Veterans
Ongoing Economic Expansion
Appropriations Bill Up Next In Senate
New Growth, Increased Opportunity Across America Thanks to Tax Reform
Farm Bill to Bolster Struggling Agriculture Communities
McConnell on Defense Bill: We’ll Fulfill Our Solemn Responsibility to Our Military
More Jobs, More Wage Growth, More Opportunities
Defense Bill Critical To America’s 21st Century Military
Farm Bill Will Benefit Farmers, Economy
Economic Growth Continues For The American People
Our Responsibility to Support America’s Military
McConnell on Summit with North Korea: A Historic First Step in an Important Negotiation
A Significant Slowdown in the Federal Government’s Red Tape Factory
Defense Bill is Top Item on Senate To-Do List
Getting the Federal Government Out of the American People’s Way
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