May 2018
Senate to Confirm First Female Director of the CIA
Entrepreneurs and Employees Continue to Benefit from New Tax Code
Protecting Consumers from Democrat Plans to Overregulate the Internet
McConnell: Haspel is the Right Woman at the Right Time
More Prosperity, Opportunity, Raises and Bonuses for Working Families in America
Senate Continues Circuit Court Confirmations
Honoring the Men and Women of Law Enforcement
McConnell Statement on the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem
Leader McConnell Visits Senator McCain
America is Open for Business Again
More Judicial Nominees With Sterling Qualifications
Haspel Uniquely Ready to Head CIA
Senate to Confirm Another Well-Qualified Judge
Gina Haspel Has the Resume, Reputation, and Unique Skill Set to Lead the CIA
Two Different Philosophies, Two Different Outcomes for American Workers and Middle-Class Families
Senate Continues Work to Confirm President’s Well-Qualified Circuit Court Nominees
Senate Honors United States Capitol Police Officers Fallen in the Line of Duty
More Business, More Investment, More Job Openings, and Higher Pay
Senate to Consider More Extremely Well-Qualified Circuit Court Nominees This Week
Senate Remembers Michael Beaver
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