February 2017
Senate Democrats Should Follow The ‘Ginsburg Standard’ and Not A ‘Double Standard’ in Considering the Gorsuch Nomination
Leader McConnell Recognizes Senator Hatch, Longest-Serving Republican Senator
The Senate Needs to Confirm the President’s Nominees
McConnell on Sessions: Fair in Action. Bound to the Constitution. A Defender of Civil Rights.
Jeff Sessions: An Attorney General for All Americans
The President Deserves His Cabinet
Judge Gorsuch is a ‘Superbly Qualified Nominee’
McConnell: Democrats’ Historic Obstruction
Congress Chips Away at Obama’s Job-Killing Regs
Gorsuch Has Received Widespread Acclaim from Both Sides of the Aisle
Helping Coal Families By Overturning Job-Killing Regulations
McConnell: Judge Gorsuch Has a Stellar Reputation and a Resume to Match
January 2017
McConnell: The Supreme Court Seat Doesn’t Belong to Any President or Any Political Party
The Senate Should Respect the Result of the Election
Senate, Judiciary Committee Leadership to Meet with President, Continue Consultation On SCOTUS
McConnell: The American People are Ready for Solutions
McConnell Congratulates President Trump
McConnell Unveils Permanent Coal Miner Health Care Fix
The Senate Now Has the Tools to Repeal Obamacare
McConnell on Obamacare: We Must Act Quickly to Bring Relief to the American People
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