September 2017
McConnell On Obamacare: The American People Deserve A Better Way Forward
Senate Set to Confirm NLRB Nominee
Obamacare’s Legacy: Skyrocketing Prices, Disappearing Choices, Failing Markets
Graham-Cassidy: Better Health-Care Ideas By Taking Decision-Making Out Of Washington
Our Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity To Fundamentally Rethink Our Tax Code
Noel Francisco: A Great Choice For This Tough Job
Senate To Pass National Defense Authorization Act
McConnell Speaks With Aung San Suu Kyi About Humanitarian Crisis
Tax Reform Will Deliver Relief And Economic Hope To The Middle Class
NDAA Will Authorize Resources, Capabilities And Benefits For Our Nation’s Military
Senator Pete Domenici
Defense Bill Will Help Rebuild Our Military And Restore Combat Readiness
Senate Works Toward Passage of the National Defense Authorization Act
McConnell on September 11th
McConnell: Let’s Work Together to Provide Needed Hurricane Relief Funding
McConnell: The Need for Certainty Now is Incredibly Important
McConnell Lays Out Senate’s September Agenda
August 2017
Senate Continues Work To Help Our Nation’s Veterans
Work Continues On Nominations, FDA Legislation
The American People Deserve A Tax System That Works For Them Instead Of Against Them
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